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What Procrastination has cost me + week of 21st to 26th May workstyle etal

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

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Dear Diary,
Procrastination has cost me a a whole LOT! I end up regretting those tasks or activities I should have carried out but deferred.I make the same mistake over and over and over again after promising myself after an episode that it will not happen again.

I can buy an "aso-ebi" 6 months before a wedding but end up taking it to the tailor a day before the wedding and pay a lot more for express sewing....that is how bad it is. I am the kind of person that will leave Christmas shopping till the 24th of December 5:30pm when the market closes at 6pm *covers face
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Like I said it has cost me.....though it has not caused any life threatening damage but it has impacted my life in a not so favorable manner. I have this nagging feeling that I would have achieved much more than I have if I wasn't an habitual procrastinator.

What has Procrastination cost me?

1. Excellence:- I would have been an A student or gotten that scholarship if I wasn't a procrastinator.I robbed myself of a lot of accolade and I deserved not to get them accolade #Ifyouknowyouknow
I end up with mediocre outputs or results because I did not commit the required effort and time into that task or activity.

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 2. Failure:- I failed a few times. How can I be writing a professional exam like ACCA but start studying two weeks to the time? *sigh It worked sometimes and I pass but with barely get along grades but sometimes I fail.

3. Time wasted :- I have lost time.Time I wasted because I need to go back sometimes to correct the anomaly caused by deferring tasks. An example is rewriting an exam because I did not start studying on time and failed.
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4. Missed Opportunities: Missed chances as I was not prepared when the need arose because I had postponed what would have propelled me to enjoy that golden opportunity when it presented itself.
Wednesday: Happy hour

5. Money: I have lost money and missed opportunities to make money.
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6. Stress:Strain to meet deadlines because there is shorter time to juggle or do a lot.
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6.Damaged relationships: Two of my friends had babies, I have put off visiting them and the babies are almost a year old. *coversface I hope they forgive me.

I put off calling my parents till they call me when they have not heard from me in a while because they love me
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I planned last year to read the bible from Genesis to revelation this year using the one year plan....
I was to start 1st January but I deferred starting to February with a plan of  how I will make up for January ...... fast forward to May ending...... I have plans to start in June with a plan of how to make up for January to May *sigh

Why do I procrastinate?
Sheer carelessness and laziness.

How do I stop procrastinating?
Please advise me in the comment section....I will be happy to hear from you.
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