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Ankara and sheer dress

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog

I got this gorgeous ankara and sheer dress from Teethrone, an online  ready to wear brand.

I love the dress because of the vibrant print and unique mix with black sheer fabric on the sleeves, base and neck.

It has two pockets whick makes the dress a winner for me

The style also endeared the dress to me because it is free around the belly,giving room for comfort and I can eat all I want without a belly pooch manifesting to make the fit unflattering.....I am happier when I have eaten enough (mood is the picture below 😀) #foodie

I decided to style it with a long black skirt because I love to dress in a tasteful be fully covered,laps inclusive.

I am sure if you want the ankara longer and the sheer shorter, Teethrone will work around your request.

I wore the dress to church......was feeling myself and God was definitely glorified

I am already thinking of other ways to style this dress that will give a different vibe...stay tuned or follow @opeyemisdiary on instagram
P.S. The neck is actually higher than pictured, I didn't zip it to the end (left it a little).

Teethrone stocks lots of amazing pieces in different styles and prints, you should totally check them out.

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Instagram: click here

How else do you think I can style this dress? Lets gist in the comment section

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  1. This is great and out of the world designs...the sky is your limit.


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