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How to maximize coordinates: An ankara story

Wednesday, 31 October 2018
 Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.

How do we get value for the money spent on co-ords?
1. Wear both seperates as a set

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2. Wear the bottom with another top

3. Wear the top with another bottom

I love Co-ords because sometimes you get 2 for the price of one.

This set is from Just you, a ready to wear brand that stocks chic and affordable pieces in vibrant prints....they ship worldwide via DHL.

Contact them with the information below:
WhatsApp:+234 809 422 9542
Instagram: Click here

My favourite of the pairings is the Ankara skirt with white shirt, which is yours?

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Suited in silk

Monday, 29 October 2018
Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.
 Don't you just love this silk suit?
I love do it no justice.
I got the silk fabric from the only tailor I keep, who i talked about Click here in How to manage Nigerian tailors
But since she delays I took it to a tailor I just met as per my 'tailor prostituting' strategy of this post here
 And we have a very fabulous suit that I am rocking to work today.
I will also rock it to church with sandals and a clutch soon.
 I can also wear them as separates with other pieces
Fabric is 1000 Naira a yard (maybe a bit cheaper in the market) and I used 4 yards for this.
Morale of this post: you need not break the bank to look good.

P.S. There is this under wear I wear to keep things in place if you know what I mean but I forgot it when I went for this shoot and I was measured with it on......hence the crease.

What do you think of my new suit?

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Little black dress AKA LBD garnished with Ankara

Sunday, 21 October 2018
Hello Beautiful people, welcome to my blog.

I got this gorgeous dress from Symdey Couture...LBD that is unconventional because of the beautiful ankara detailing spin they put on it.
and wore to church it like this

I will wear it to work like this
My "serious" face
and like this with a beret to give a different vibe

Symdey Couture is a ready to wear brand that stocks timeless made in Nigeria outfits in plain and vibrant prints at affordable prices. They ship worldwide via DHL so distance is not a barrier.

Contact them with the information below:
WhatsApp: +234 813 871 1447
Instagram: Click Here

How will you style this dress?

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Not your average Ankara skirt

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Hello Beautiful people,welcome to my blog.

This gorgeous ankara skirt with lace and satin details is from SGTC Clothing.
I blogged about the brand here in How to wear Ankara for 7 days straight, here in Ankara power Sleeves top and here in Ankara pants and exaggerated sleeves top.
I wore this to work.

Contact them with the following information:
Whatsapp: +2348024687032
Instagram: Click here

What do you think?

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1st Edition: Photos that will not make it to the gram AKA Instagram, facebook,pinterest etc

Monday, 15 October 2018
'walk it pose gone wrong'
Hello Beautiful People, welcome to my blog.
I decided to share these pictures that would otherwise not see the light of the day.

Pose gone wrong

I must be stylish....was that belt really necessary? Thank God I had the good sense to take it off and got better pictures since it was a collab with a Vintage Store See post here
Ugly laughing

 I forgot to suck belle and was walking like the weight of the world was on my

Sleep walking
Skirt is a size bigger

I must be sister made me stick one leg out (Jolie pose)....I am not one for poses like that so nah, aint posting that

I don't know how in God's name I thought it was a good idea to hold my shoes SMH then that face....I don't know

I don't know what I was doing in these photos SMH
Does this remind you of Igwe Tupac or not? LOL I deserve an accolade hahahahahah

 Not aesthetically pleasing to post this with the photo bomber and my facial expression is 'bleh'

I wasn't ready at all

Wrong Camera Settings

That crotch area situation .... I won't post that 🙈

I am not sure anybody wants to see my bra #sigh

This post is just to show that behind all the glam and gloss on social media lies the part people are not showing so be yourself and the world will adjust eventually. Don't put yourself under any pressure because that person you think is 'goals' is not showing what is happening behind the scenes which is actually their real life.

I will be doing this kind of post once a month.

Which is the craziest or funniest? Mine is the "walk it pose gone wrong" and belt situation 😅
 What do you think?

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How to Manage Nigerian Tailors

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Hello beautiful People, Welcome to my blog.

Most of us have gory stories to share about Nigerian Tailors....I have heard of where a tailor disappointed a bride to be on her traditional wedding day.
I have a lot of personal stories the one that still has my fabric over five years later.

or the tailor that made something entirely different from the style I chose to the one that made the style I chose with my fabric but two sizes smaller for than my size and he took my measurements

How do I manage them?

1. I tailor prostitute .... I move around A LOT

I meet a new tailor, I make one or two things and move unto the next one....I have only kept one tailor because of convenience, she delays and disappoints but working with her is convenient because she picks and drops off from my office and also sells time allotted for tailor chasing in my schedule.

Changing tailors has worked for me hence this beautiful dress am rocking today..... I can't even remember which of the tailors made this again....hahahaha

2. I avoid them. I do this by shopping from ready to wear brands....there are several good brands that stock affordable and fabulous pieces.

I blogged about RTW brands like SGTC Click here Lomzy Click here Unknown brand Click here House of Loocz Click here and Teethrone Click here

I wonder how the RTW brands manage with their tailors because there are very few "angel tailors".....I really do wonder how they cope since they make these clothes in bulk and for commercial purpose.

A friend of mine just won't give a deposit till the job is completed, works for her sometimes but often times the tailor just dumps her

Anyways that is how I avoid developing high B.P from tailor issues.

How do you manage tailor issues....what is the worst thing a tailor has done to you? If positive too, please share.....maybe I will be needing that Angel Tailor's number.

I doubt tailors abroad are like that ..... People that live or have lived abroad, is that how tailors are there too?

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