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1st Edition: Photos that will not make it to the gram AKA Instagram, facebook,pinterest etc

Monday, 15 October 2018
'walk it pose gone wrong'
Hello Beautiful People, welcome to my blog.
I decided to share these pictures that would otherwise not see the light of the day.

Pose gone wrong

I must be stylish....was that belt really necessary? Thank God I had the good sense to take it off and got better pictures since it was a collab with a Vintage Store See post here
Ugly laughing

 I forgot to suck belle and was walking like the weight of the world was on my

Sleep walking
Skirt is a size bigger

I must be sister made me stick one leg out (Jolie pose)....I am not one for poses like that so nah, aint posting that

I don't know how in God's name I thought it was a good idea to hold my shoes SMH then that face....I don't know

I don't know what I was doing in these photos SMH
Does this remind you of Igwe Tupac or not? LOL I deserve an accolade hahahahahah

 Not aesthetically pleasing to post this with the photo bomber and my facial expression is 'bleh'

I wasn't ready at all

Wrong Camera Settings

That crotch area situation .... I won't post that 🙈

I am not sure anybody wants to see my bra #sigh

This post is just to show that behind all the glam and gloss on social media lies the part people are not showing so be yourself and the world will adjust eventually. Don't put yourself under any pressure because that person you think is 'goals' is not showing what is happening behind the scenes which is actually their real life.

I will be doing this kind of post once a month.

Which is the craziest or funniest? Mine is the "walk it pose gone wrong" and belt situation 😅
 What do you think?

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7 comments on "1st Edition: Photos that will not make it to the gram AKA Instagram, facebook,pinterest etc "
  1. This post made me lol literally. I can so relate to the crotch issue and not sucking in the belly. Loved this post and the message behind it. Looking forward to more.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you very much, I am glad you like it. It took a lot to do this post but the message I intend for it to convey made me do it.

  2. You have killed me this morning, lol, I can relate to all, walk pose gone wrong, suck in belle situation, crotch area situation, ugly face snaps, wrong pose snaps, hahaha, thanks for posting ohhh

    1. As of a
      Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate.

  3. This post got me lol. The struggle is real baby!

  4. That belt in the beginning wasn’t bad oh.

  5. OMG! Very funny,interesting article


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