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How to Manage Nigerian Tailors

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Hello beautiful People, Welcome to my blog.

Most of us have gory stories to share about Nigerian Tailors....I have heard of where a tailor disappointed a bride to be on her traditional wedding day.
I have a lot of personal stories the one that still has my fabric over five years later.

or the tailor that made something entirely different from the style I chose to the one that made the style I chose with my fabric but two sizes smaller for than my size and he took my measurements

How do I manage them?

1. I tailor prostitute .... I move around A LOT

I meet a new tailor, I make one or two things and move unto the next one....I have only kept one tailor because of convenience, she delays and disappoints but working with her is convenient because she picks and drops off from my office and also sells time allotted for tailor chasing in my schedule.

Changing tailors has worked for me hence this beautiful dress am rocking today..... I can't even remember which of the tailors made this again....hahahaha

2. I avoid them. I do this by shopping from ready to wear brands....there are several good brands that stock affordable and fabulous pieces.

I blogged about RTW brands like SGTC Click here Lomzy Click here Unknown brand Click here House of Loocz Click here and Teethrone Click here

I wonder how the RTW brands manage with their tailors because there are very few "angel tailors".....I really do wonder how they cope since they make these clothes in bulk and for commercial purpose.

A friend of mine just won't give a deposit till the job is completed, works for her sometimes but often times the tailor just dumps her

Anyways that is how I avoid developing high B.P from tailor issues.

How do you manage tailor issues....what is the worst thing a tailor has done to you? If positive too, please share.....maybe I will be needing that Angel Tailor's number.

I doubt tailors abroad are like that ..... People that live or have lived abroad, is that how tailors are there too?

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