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How to Mix Prints with Princess Audu

Wednesday, 14 November 2018
Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog

I started blogging in May and kinda felt like an only child and orphan. I couldn't reach out to any blogger for fear of being snubbed.
You can imagine my joy when Princess Audu who I have been following for years followed me on Instagram, engages with my post, visits, leaves comments on my blog and after a while asked that we do a collaboration....of course I quickly and excitedly accepted and this happened.
We decided to mix prints and our colours even aligned....
Mixing prints can be tricky and may not for the faint hearted....Don't do it if you can't own and wear it with confidence....that is the only trick I know....rocking mixed prints with confidence and owning it is key for me as I am a daring 'prints mixer'....see this post click here
 I just wear it and own it like a boss....even if people around me don't get it
But in this post I kept it simple in black and white and just two prints
For more on how to mix prints visit Princess Audu's here

Are you a daring fashionista? How far can you go with prints?

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2 comments on "How to Mix Prints with Princess Audu"
  1. I don't think I have mixed prints before but you do it so well that I intrigued, pushing me to consider trying it out. If I do I'll sure let you know. xxx

  2. I've always wanted to mix prints but always chicken out. I actually wouldn't want to do it for the blog alone but really wear it out.


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