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Retro Meets Modern

Sunday, 4 November 2018
Hello Beautiful people, welcome to my blog.
It is almost party season (end of the year party etc) and I thought to share retro styles ..... get inspired so you are ready if invited to a retro themed event or you want to go retro for the fun of it.

Most times you find people trying to shop for a themed event,I think  there is usually no need as you have pieces that can work...just make the right hair and use the right accessories with what you already own.

The "kiko" hair I made already gives that vibe and made the rest easy. (I think it is called thread or rubber hair in english?)
Incorporate can even make something like this with ankara....flare pants and a jacket or another style for the will be really nice....I think I will try it....stay tuned.
My favorite is the iro and buba (oleku)....I look like I just stepped out of a 70s magazine.
It also reminds me of my grandma....her wrapper was never evenly
Which is your favourite?
How did I do?

P.S. Look 7 will be up on Saturday.

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6 comments on "Retro Meets Modern"
  1. Yass to that iro and buba look, the location and styling, everything is popping. I love that purple dress though and look forward to look 7.
    Princess Audu

  2. I love all the looks, you are giving me the feels. Well done.

  3. Love the iro and buba look 😍😍


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