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31/12/2018: Counting my blogging blessings and 2019 goals

Monday, 31 December 2018
Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.

Day 365 of 365.....

I started my blog this year, it is something I had always wanted to do.....I think I started considering it in 2013 but did't get to it till May this year......I don't know why I didn't start then sincerely......but better late than never, right?


1. Number of posts This post will be my 47th post when published....

2. Blog views: 16,000 and a bit views in 7 months, not so shabby.

3: Collaboration with brands: I worked with 20 to 14 posts below, 4 were just instagram posts while I am yet to shoot 2:
    a. Hephzyt Fashion
    b. Eric Dress
    c. Queenette Couture
    d. Virtue Clothier
    e. Symdey Couture
    f. SGTC Clothing
    g. Lomzy
    h.Timeless Wares
    i.House of Loocz
    k. Purple Heart Vintage
    L.Unknown Brand
    m. Vintage Closet
    n.Design for Love

4: Collaboration with fellow bloggers: I collaborated with Princess Audu three times...see link to blog posts below

5: My photos are on two international brand's websites.........see photos and  link below

5: Instagram: I had like 1200 followers when I started blogging in May but I am at 2718 followers as at the time of writing this post

My nine instagram photos with most likes

My top photos by instagram enegagement

6: Reposts on big instagram feature pages......Yes, it is a big deal to me....below is my most reposted photo....see related blog post here

6: I opened my facebook page in May when I started the blog and have 949 likes as at when writing this post

7: I am still struggling with twitter.....still trying to get a hang of how it works but here is my current will be better next year.

2019 blog and social media goals
Goal: To Improve my blogging and social media experience
a. Post on my blog at least once a week
b. Post on all social media platforms at least once a day

c. Post good quality pictures on blog and social media platforms
Sub activity
 c1. Camera upgrade.....research to know which camera is great for fashion blogging and buy same
 c2. Scout for locations with good ambience before shoot
 c3. learn how to use light-room to edit photos
 c4 Subscribe for light-room

D. Network and meet other bloggers
E. Attend events that will be helpful
F. Reach out to other bloggers on social media
G. Collaborate with other bloggers
H. Research and learn about SEO
I. Learn and do videos
J. More lifestyles posts viz. travel even if it is within Nigeria, book reviews
K. Improve my writing....minimal word less posts.

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What else do you think I can do to improve my blog and social media experience?

Happy new year and Thanks for stopping by:

2 comments on "31/12/2018: Counting my blogging blessings and 2019 goals"
  1. 2019 will be better. Happy new year Opeyemi'sdairy

  2. Nothing bad if you consider compiling your content into a little pdf.
    Readers could download the document to get full insight of your work.
    Kudos for your views in 7 months!


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