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How to set achievable New year resolutions / Goals / Plans

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Hello Beautiful people, welcome to my blog

At the beginning of every year, I draw up plans or new year resolutions but find that I do not abide by or achieve even one of them whilst taking stock at the end of the year and that applies to a lot of the people I know.
I feel the main reason why this happens is because we set goals or draw up our plans in an ambiguous manner which makes them unachievable.
This blog post is an attempt by me to set goals and break them down by activity that will help make them achievable......with action of course.

Goal 1. To better manage time
a. Set alarm
b. Set reminders
c. Have a daily to do list
d. Do what needs to be done immediately - No procrastination
e. Reduce time spent on social media....set reminder to be notified when the designated social media time is up
f. Prioritize and set boundaries
G. Avoid the couch and bed whilst working

2. To better manage money
a. Prepare a monthly budget and stick to it
b. Budget for those things you tend to over spend on too and ensure you stick to it
c. No window shopping so as not to impulse buy
d. Unsubscribe from receiving promotional mails from those tempting sites
e. Uninstall those shopping apps
f. UN-follow those tempting pages on Instagram
g. Get a side hustle
h. Save...
i. Invest....Invest....Invest

Goal 3. To Embrace a healthy lifestyle
a. Cut off fizzy drinks and junk food
b. Eat small portions three times daily
c. Cut down Carbohydrate
d. Eat more fruits and vegetables
e. Drink more water
f. Sleep for at least 7 hours daily
g. Exercise *sigh

Goal 4. To Improve my blogging and social media experience
a. Post on my blog at least once a week
b. Post on all social media platforms at least once a day

c. Post good quality pictures on blog and social media platforms
Sub activity
 c1. Camera upgrade.....research to know which camera is great for fashion blogging and buy same
 c2. Scout for locations with good ambience before shoot
 c3. learn how to use light-room to edit photos
 c4 Subscribe for light-room

D. Network and meet other bloggers
E. Attend events that will be helpful
F. Reach out to other bloggers on social media
G. Collaborate with other bloggers
H. Research and learn about SEO

Goal 5: To seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness
a. Daily devotion
 a1: Set alarm
 a2: Avoid bed and couch whilst on it
 a3: Avoid using Bible app on phone
 a4: Stand as much as possible

b. Attend all Church activities as much as possible
c. Be diligent at my point of service
d. Be a giver/sow seeds in the house of God and in the life of people
c. Listen to and obey the voice of God through the holy spirit
d. Fleeing from all appearnace of help me God
f. Being a gracious person
g. Forgive people quickly and also ask people to forgive me when I am wrong.....not expecting too much from people helps

h. Read Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
 h1: Buy three guides......for home, office and handbag

i. Speak life always
j. Keep good company
k. Just be an all round good person.....putting out good to the world, not just religious.

The above is an attempt at breaking down goals to make them achievable, how did I do?
1. You don't have to wait till the beginning of a new year to set goals, it can be any time.....we live in a dynamic world, your goals should not be static as well so you are not left behind.
2. Write your goals down.
3. Set timelines
4. Do variance analysis from time to time..... compare planned results and timelines to real results and timelines to see where there is a variance. Put plans in place to manage negative variance(you may need to re-strategize), take what you did to achieve positive variance and apply to others.
5. Don't forget to pat yourself on the back when you hit a milestone.
6. Don't beat yourself up if you are trying and you seem not to be achieving those results or meeting those timelines, just keep trying ..... changing tactics or re-strategizing  may help......research how others did it......get a mentor.

P.S. My dress is from May Rush - 08093556052

What do you think of this method of goal setting? Do you have a better way? Pray tell in the comment section.

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  1. UZENDU EUNICE CHIDIMMA31 December 2018 at 12:08 and your beef with excersise.
    Great work dear.......We will work in accordance and 2019 will be the best for you...Much love sis. This brown__naya on instagram

  2. Thanks for the tips. Please if you find good camera for fashion pictures that isn't expensive let me know please. Love your content.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Please if you find good camera for fashion pictures that isn't expensive let me know please. Love your content.


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