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Denim Day out with Princess and Debzy

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.
I am ashamed of apologizing since I went MIA again after promising to stop....I always fail to keep that promise so I am not doing that any more, as per when to expect a blog post.We see when we see. *covers face

Well I am here now but not here alone, I am here with my blogger babes Princess, whom you have met here  here  here and here when we did collaborations

and Debzy of Debswriteblog whom I met on the street of Instagram sometime last year and have never met in person till last Saturday when we met for this shoot.

We did a denim themed shoot and here we are:

I own quite a number of denim pieces, but I am not really a denim buff. This stems from the fact that I am at work most of my waking hours and I try not to do denim to work even though we don't have a dress code but the accountant in me will not let me and Friday is reserved for

 I opted for a denim shirt with a denim button through skirt and accessorized with a belt bag in red and black snake print for that pop of colour and I paid homage to both the belt bag and my outfit with the choice of my shoes which is predominantly black but has colorful details which has red and finished it off with a black baker boy cap to match all the blacks on my outfit and accessories.

So much joy shooting with Princess and Debzy, please visit their blog and to read their take on this collaboration.....the two of them unlike me can write! so trust me you will enjoy their blog post.

Whose style resonates more with you?

Thanks for stopping by:

4 comments on "Denim Day out with Princess and Debzy"
  1. I especially love your choice of shoes and waist purse to perfect this look. Great cgoice of accessories. Glad to have done this with you and Sarah, it was fun.

  2. I absolutely love your look. Its very innovative and I never thought knew pairing a skirt and a shirt like this would look so good. Well done! I'm happy to finally come to your blog after reading your collabs with Sarah and now, with Debs.
    Well done ladies!

  3. Lol at the two of them can write, you can write too jor, recall your post on you more than just a hashtag. And no need to apologize, we get it. I feel ya on note being big on denim.

  4. amazing write up. glad i finally found time to read up your blog and not limit myself to Ig. AND YOUR LOOK IS 100 PERCENT.


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