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Happy new year

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Hello beautiful people,  happy new year. 
It is a shame that I am only wishing you happy new year today 15th of February,  I have no excuse but I will try and do better. 
A lot has happened since I have been here;
I started a business.....I now sell afordable and unique accessories. The name of the company is "ile.esho" I will do a proper blog post on that soon.

We celebrated Christmas, new year and 1st anniversary of my dad's death.
I am very hopeful that this year will be a good one, God sparing our lives.
The ankara set I am wearing is from @mayrushonline who you can find on Instagram.

Which of the styling of the top is your favourite?

Thanks for visiting my blog.

1 comment on "Happy new year"
  1. It’s okay....wishing you good luck on this new journey and cheers to an amazing year ahead! Love the Ankara mix.... that print play is on a 100%


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