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The Acropolis Park

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Hello beautiful people,  welcome to my blog.
I was wandering on the streets of Instagram one day when I saw a post by a friend of a birthday shoot that piqued my interest.  The lady photographed was beautiful and so was her outfit but what struck me the most was the location of the shoot. 

I did my research and struck gold when I found the page of The Acropolis park on Instagram and Facebook and it has been pure Joy since then.
The Acropolis park which is situated at Plot 3873 E27, Apo resettlement  in Abuja Nigeria is a perfect place for events, shoots and relaxation.

I have been to several event centres in and around Abuja and the Acropolis park is one of the best I have seen for weddings;
Office / work events / birthdays etc
Relaxation after a hard day or week
The park is also photoshoot appropriate because of its picturesque nature.
I shot this look at the park;
 The staff are courteous and ever available to attend to all your needs.
I will recommend this park for your next event.
Contact them +234 903 003 0888 and +234 803 306 1476 to book a space today.
They also have presence on Instagram as @theacropolis and facebook.

What do you look out for when you are looking out for location for an event? 

Thanks for visiting my blog.
5 comments on "The Acropolis Park"
  1. Ahahannn this place is fineeee😍! Must visit 🤭

  2. Oh, this is beautiful and in Abuja? Wow!!! I definitely search for aesthetics and ambience when location hunting for events. This ticks all the right boxes. I'll have to visit when I'm in Abuja. Thanks for sharing

  3. It look so beautiful. I will definitely be visiting there soon. Hope they have restaurant for food? *big grin*

  4. how much is the space booking?


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