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Valentine Carryover

Saturday, 22 February 2020
Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.

Valentine was a week ago but it continues for me everyday .... here I am in the cliched red that is worn to mark the day.
Valentine has now turned into a really big deal, it wasn't as big a few years ago. It is good for the economy and businesses as it provides Opportunity to make money for those that retail products and provide services fitting for the season.
I think everyday should be Valentine as we need to show those around us that we love them all the time we have the opportunity to as tomorrow is not promised.
I had malaria that day so I was just home hence the carryover and this post.
Let's talk about the beautiful red set from Zeech.
Zeech is a Nigerian brand that stock beautiful outfits in plain and patterned designs. You can reach them on Instagram @zeech_ng

How did you celebrate Valentine 2020?
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