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How to slay personal development whilst on the hustle

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Hello and welcome to my blog.
Some of us get up to first degree education from our parents. From that level, they expect us to continue life...i.e. get a job, take care of ourselves and them too in some cases. They believe they have equipped us enough to make exploits in our career and life. 

In this day and age a first degree may or may not be sufficient to attain the heights we desire. 
While some people thrive with the barest minimum, most need extra training to make head way. This training may or may not be within the four walls of a classroom.

It could be the graduate that veers into fashion, or the accounting graduate that needs a professional Certification like ICAN, ACCA or the School certificate holder that needs to learn a trade.

I am an advocate of continuous development because the only constant thing in life is change and as the world around us evolves, one also has to do the same to remain in your career, business and life, you should always strive to develop yourself.....arm yourself with knowledge and expertise to improve and better your craft.

Today I am sharing what helped and is still helping me achieve my personal development goals.

How do you manage your day job, business, side hustle (for those that have that too) with personal development and be successful at them all?

1. Always remember the why
Remind yourself of the reason you need to take that course, training or degree everyday and it may be what will keep you going when the going gets tough.

2. Maximize your weekends
Time as a resource for self development is limited so you need to utilize the available one efficiently. That means if you have to study or attend classes or learn that skill, you may need to utilize your weekends which will eliminate some social activities but it will be worth it in the end. It may not be palatable when you are making those sacrifices but it is always worth it.

3. Start early
So you have an exam, a course work or an assignment, don't procrastinate or wait till the last minute to start studying or working on it....start to study from day one,.
Where possible, get the syllabus before resumption and start studying. It will help ease a lot of stress.....slow and steady wins the race.

4. Mingle with fellow students
Be equally yoked with your fellow scholars or trainees no matter how busy you are, they will keep you informed on those days that you can't just keep up with your studies or training because of other dissenting responsibilities.

5. Flexible the learning approach that allows for flexibility of time, place and audience.
e.g. National open university of Nigeria can serve that purpose. Studies with them is very flexible. There are also universities or schools that offer flexible study alternatives.

6. Online Studies: is the use of technology to learn. Studying online is becoming increasingly popular. Schools like ABU Zaria offer that service and if you can afford it, there are schools abroad such as University of London and Edinburgh business school that offer online courses and trainings. For short courses, there is Kobo course, Edx, cousera  etc some even offer free courses. Take advantage of these because they also are flexible and you can engage with your available time.

7. Research online
Thanks to digital media, gone are the days when you need to visit a library to access information. With our phones we have access to more information than we need. There is absolutely no excuse for not keeping up with relevant information required to better yourself and your craft.

8. Less socials
Juggling personal development with business or work demands can be tricky. You may need to shed a little social weight for sometime to achieve your goal. It is a sacrifice that will be worth it. Ensure your loved ones, followers etc know and understand what it is you are doing and why you are absent.

9. Utilize your leave days: If you have a 9 to 5, I am sure you have leave days. You may need to put taking your leave days for fun on hold for sometime so you can take that time off when there is a need for you to have time for your personal development activity

10. Before and after work studies
To balance the competing demands on your time, you may need to keep early hours and late nights while trying to better yourself which translates to doing the work that relates to your personal development before and after work hours.

These are tried, trusted and valid ways  to slay your personal development goals whilst working or running a business. These worked for me whilst I was studying for various certifications and masters degree and I am going to apply these as I plan to embark on another personal development adventure soon.

Which of the point resonates with you?

Thanks for reading, I hope to read from you too  in the comment section.

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