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Debs with Nine Lives

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.
I got these beautiful Ankara prints from Debs clothier  and got it tailored by Nine Lives and Styles.

The pants is my favorite part of this set:

I restyled the jacket in these two ways and will update this post when I restyle the pants.

You can contact both brands via their Instagram;
Fabric; @debsclothier
Tailored; @ninelivesandstyles
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Ankara inspired High Neck Sleeveless Maxi Dress from Eric Dress

Monday, 15 July 2019
Hello beautiful people. welcome to my blog.
It's been a minute but I am here now to share a link to an amazing dress I got from Eric dress.

I did a post titled How Eric Dressed me about the brand last year click here to read it where I shared the pieces I got from them at that time and sizing details.

This maxi dress looks like ankara but it is not ankara but ankara inspired though. It is very breathable and easy breezy just the way I like my dresses plus it has two pockets. You know how I feel abut clothes with pockets....pure love.

You may need to go a size up to shop for this dress as I wear size Medium (UK 10 top and size UK 12 bottom) but I ordered this dress in size Large and it is a perfect fit.

Check out the back of the has belt sewn to the dress with the same fabric. You may not see the belt because I tied it loosely.

I got 6 pieces from the brand but will share the remaining 5 in a subsequent post.

I also threw a blazer on the dress to make it work appropriate

Dress - EricDress Click here to shop
Mini Bag - Send an email to opeyemisdiary@gmail. com if you want to buy
Box Bag - 21stCollections on instagram
Wig: - Remmyhairquarters on instagram
Hat and slip on - Oldie

How else do you think I can restyle the dress?

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How To Wear One Ankara Culotte Jumpsuit In Six Ways

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.
I got this beautiful ankara culotte jumpsuit from Fashion Junkie, a made in Nigeria ready to wear brand and did a look boo with it. I styled it in Six ways

1. You know me and my mixing prints prowess....I think I am pretty good at it, It is my style super power......argue with your keyboard...LOL.
I wore a stripped shirt under the jumpsuit to shake things up a bit. A wise fashion person said when mixing prints especially if you are a beginner....pick out unifying colours....I picked out white and red though there are other colours on the jumpsuit I could work with. I accessorized with red because of the red on the shirt and I love the outcome.
I would wear this to work as we don't have a dress code.Where will you wear this to?

2. I layered with a shirt again. In this case, a classic white shirt that came with a little drama on the sleeves and bishop collar. I threw on a red beret for that little oomph factor. I colour blocked with Green shoes, red beret and mustard bag as per the accessories.The colours are on the jumpsuit. I would wear this to work and to church.

3. Ankara overload.....I mixed prints here again with the ankara shoes, bag and head wrap which by the way is a kimono.....well.....why should I buy a head wrap when I have stuff made from ankara that would work, I am a cheapskate like that. I would wear this on a Friday #AnkaraFriday.

4. Casual slay.....A tee cinched at the waist with a belt over the jumpsuit for a casual day out that require me to be a bit dressy. I decided to work with black shoes and purse here to match the belt.
I would wear this to hang out with the girls and also for date Night.

5.  Another casual slay.....The jumpsuit with sneakers and fedora for a casual day out. I would go see a movie like this, hang out with friends, blogger meet ups etc

6. A red blazer over the jumpsuit and I accessorized with red too. This look will be perfect for work and church.

Fashion Junkie is a Nigerian brand that stocks fabulous pieces at affordable prices. You can reach them on:
Instagram @fashionjunkiecollections
Call/WhatsApp 08035985333

Which is your favourite out of the Six looks? where will you wear it to?

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Not Just a Hashtag and Ankara Dresses

Friday, 26 April 2019

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.

"Women supporting women" is a very popular hashtag in the world of social media with 3.1 million users on instagram alone as at when writing this post but do women actually really support women? This year for women's day, I saw a lot of captions with "collaboration over competition" on instagram but is that really the case with us?

As you find these beautiful hashtags and captions, you also find "you can't sit us" which is mostly used by women. you may say "that is just a social media slang" "it doesn't mean anything", in a world when even with how you dress, you pass a message, that is a message too. A written message at that.....a message and vibe you get from women when you are new to an industry that you are not really welcome and they will not support you or extend a welcoming hand to you even when it is obvious that you really need all the support and help you can get to navigate the murky waters of that field.

While nobody really owes anybody, but as women we already have enough against us, things like equality,stereotypes amongst other issues so coming together to support each other is something we really should embrace to make life easier. The Bible says "one will put one thousand to flight but two will put ten thousand to flight" which in my opinion means we can do and achieve more together.

But there are also women who are doing beautiful things and are supportive and uplifting of other women. women who know that we rise by lifting others and the sky is wide enough for all.Women who believe that one woman winning is a win for all and everybody's time will come. Women who know that collaboration is actually a competitive advantage. Women who know that we need each other to rule the world. Women who know the importance of network.

When I moved to my second job ever, I resumed and the organization gave me a supervisor who turned out to be a woman. I was sad and scared which was wrong actually because I had based my expectation on what I had heard about women bosses which is wrong but guess what , she turned out to be the best supervisor I have ever had and while we have both moved to other roles and jobs, we remain friends. I have met several other amazing women who are supportive and great......and then I met Princess on Instagram

Remember Princess Audu from this post Christmas Outfit with Princess Audu and this post How to transition your outfit from day to night  How to mix prints with Princess Audu? she has been really really really kind, supportive and helpful with this blogging thing. Well......obviously, since this is my Fourth collaboration with her and the only blogger I have collaborated with. This is partly my fault as I haven't tried reaching out to other bloggers too.

I started blogging last year and I was very skeptical about reaching out to other bloggers even though I really wanted to and I still want to but I hate being snubbed. "The blogging thing no do me like that abeg" I said I just stayed on my own and was doing my thing, then Princess Audu followed and reached out to me and this is our third collaboration.....I should face my fear and just reach out to others, right? I will get some "NOs" and I will get a lot of "YESes" and I will also get snubbed.... but that is life. You are not everybody's cup of tea and it is okay. You are just a hashtag to

It is a celebration when we meet as you can see from the photos, we talk and talk and talk...laugh and laugh and laugh that at the end of the shoot we can barely get serious looking
Princess and I met up to serve you these gorgeous ankara goodness from Mayrush. Visit her blog at to read her interesting take on this collaboration. Click here

Mayrush is a brand that stocks affordable ready to wear ankara pieces in vibrant prints and gorgeous designs....get to shopping, save yourself tailor hassles and you will not regret it, I will drop their details below. These ankara dresses were beautifully done with quality fabrics as  it didn't run when I washed mine and the finishing is quite neat.

You can reach Mayrush on:
Instagram: @mayrushonline
WhatsApp:  08093556052

So is women supporting women just a hastag to you? What do you do to make a difference?
What do you think of this collaboration?

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Dressed in Dresses

Friday, 1 March 2019

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.
Happy new month, may March be good to us all.  Exceedingly, abundantly much more than we can ask or ever imagine is what God will do for us. Blessings that will be too obvious we can't share the testimony as anonymous is what God will bestow upon us.....let the church say Amen!

If you are a repeat blog reader, you will know I love my ankara and I can wear outfits made with ankara everyday of the week.....when Sandiez Collection reached out to me, how could I say no to these two gorgeous outfits.

I love these two dresses because of the style which can be worn for different activities or occassions depending on the shoe style and other accessories,vibrant prints and breathable style and fabric.

 I am not a lover of snug outfits so these were right up my alley.

 Enjoy the information of Sandiez is below.

This dress has three pockets......that sold me.

Sandiez collection is a fashion label that stocks trendy and stylish afrocentric pieces at affordable rates. They also do bespoke tailoring.
You can reach them on instagram @sandiezcollection or via their phone number 08102304416.

Are you team ankara?

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How to set achievable New year resolutions / Goals / Plans

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Hello Beautiful people, welcome to my blog

At the beginning of every year, I draw up plans or new year resolutions but find that I do not abide by or achieve even one of them whilst taking stock at the end of the year and that applies to a lot of the people I know.
I feel the main reason why this happens is because we set goals or draw up our plans in an ambiguous manner which makes them unachievable.
This blog post is an attempt by me to set goals and break them down by activity that will help make them achievable......with action of course.

Goal 1. To better manage time
a. Set alarm
b. Set reminders
c. Have a daily to do list
d. Do what needs to be done immediately - No procrastination
e. Reduce time spent on social media....set reminder to be notified when the designated social media time is up
f. Prioritize and set boundaries
G. Avoid the couch and bed whilst working

2. To better manage money
a. Prepare a monthly budget and stick to it
b. Budget for those things you tend to over spend on too and ensure you stick to it
c. No window shopping so as not to impulse buy
d. Unsubscribe from receiving promotional mails from those tempting sites
e. Uninstall those shopping apps
f. UN-follow those tempting pages on Instagram
g. Get a side hustle
h. Save...
i. Invest....Invest....Invest

Goal 3. To Embrace a healthy lifestyle
a. Cut off fizzy drinks and junk food
b. Eat small portions three times daily
c. Cut down Carbohydrate
d. Eat more fruits and vegetables
e. Drink more water
f. Sleep for at least 7 hours daily
g. Exercise *sigh

Goal 4. To Improve my blogging and social media experience
a. Post on my blog at least once a week
b. Post on all social media platforms at least once a day

c. Post good quality pictures on blog and social media platforms
Sub activity
 c1. Camera upgrade.....research to know which camera is great for fashion blogging and buy same
 c2. Scout for locations with good ambience before shoot
 c3. learn how to use light-room to edit photos
 c4 Subscribe for light-room

D. Network and meet other bloggers
E. Attend events that will be helpful
F. Reach out to other bloggers on social media
G. Collaborate with other bloggers
H. Research and learn about SEO

Goal 5: To seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness
a. Daily devotion
 a1: Set alarm
 a2: Avoid bed and couch whilst on it
 a3: Avoid using Bible app on phone
 a4: Stand as much as possible

b. Attend all Church activities as much as possible
c. Be diligent at my point of service
d. Be a giver/sow seeds in the house of God and in the life of people
c. Listen to and obey the voice of God through the holy spirit
d. Fleeing from all appearnace of help me God
f. Being a gracious person
g. Forgive people quickly and also ask people to forgive me when I am wrong.....not expecting too much from people helps

h. Read Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
 h1: Buy three guides......for home, office and handbag

i. Speak life always
j. Keep good company
k. Just be an all round good person.....putting out good to the world, not just religious.

The above is an attempt at breaking down goals to make them achievable, how did I do?
1. You don't have to wait till the beginning of a new year to set goals, it can be any time.....we live in a dynamic world, your goals should not be static as well so you are not left behind.
2. Write your goals down.
3. Set timelines
4. Do variance analysis from time to time..... compare planned results and timelines to real results and timelines to see where there is a variance. Put plans in place to manage negative variance(you may need to re-strategize), take what you did to achieve positive variance and apply to others.
5. Don't forget to pat yourself on the back when you hit a milestone.
6. Don't beat yourself up if you are trying and you seem not to be achieving those results or meeting those timelines, just keep trying ..... changing tactics or re-strategizing  may help......research how others did it......get a mentor.

P.S. My dress is from May Rush - 08093556052

What do you think of this method of goal setting? Do you have a better way? Pray tell in the comment section.

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