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Independence day special: How I feel about Nigeria

Monday, 1 October 2018

Hello Beautiful people, welcome to My blog. Happy Independence day to my fellow Nigerians

For the benefit of my Non-Nigerian readers, Nigeria is 58 today. 58 years since we got independence from the British, our colonial masters.

My relationship with Nigeria especially in very recent times is a love-hate one

One Minute I am singing "this Nigeria is our own" "the land is green" etc and another minute I am asking somebody or surfing the web for what I need to do to get a Canadian citizenship since that is pretty easier than that of other countries.

Like today for example, there is a public holiday and PHCN decided to withhold power supply?! I planned to put this post up in the morning but that didn't work out obviously

But while reflecting...I realized that there is a lot to be grateful for so I choose to be thankful

Thankful that inspite of the predictions that Nigeria will be a failed state, we are not

Thankful that what will normally break other countries and send them to war, we are still standing....standing together

Thankful that what ever seed you put in the soil will germinate

Thankful for the natural resources which God has bestowed unto us, even though some times i feel it is the bane of our country.
Thankful for the absence of natural disasters....hopefully there is none waiting to happen

Thankful that we always find a way to make the best out of really horrible situations.

Even though like the slab I have my leg on which needs work, our country needs work but hand in hand we can make it starts with you and I.....we are the generation, we are stronger and we know better than before.

Dear Lord, put the love for one another in our hearts so that we will consider the effect our actions, inaction, decisions and the choices we make have on others always, Amen.

As a Nigerian, what are you grateful for?
Let's gist in the comment section

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