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Fully covered and still fly

Monday, 17 December 2018
Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog

If you have been following my blog, you know I love maxis check out these posts here  here and here

So when I met another all about my tailor strategy here, I grabbed the opportunity and made this gorgeous number. I got this fabric in the market for 500 Naira a yard and I used 3 and a half yards....the tailor used his discretion to make a top for me with the remaining half.....why I love new tailors, they want to impress you at your first "outing"

I rocked it with this head piece I got for 2000 Naira from a colleague.....side hustle things.....shoot me an email if you will like to order.....I rocked it to church and felt cool with myself.

I am thinking of doing a look book with this piece as maxis are thought to be less versatile than other styles which I totally disagree with in the new year, a look book will be up.
Will you wear this and where will you wear it to?

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Why Maxis are my favourite fit: Turtle neck collar maxi dress

Sunday, 7 October 2018

I got this dress from online ready to wear brand.

My love for maxis knows no bounds like I said in this post where I styled another maxi dress from the same brand, Lomzy.

Maxis are a very forgiving fit and as a foodie I love wearing them as they help hide all evidence of over is very summer/vacation appropriate.....and year round appropriate for Nigerians.

I styled the dress with my slatted clutch from Asos....will leave link below for you to shop.

Floral prints are classics and this neck style will never go out of style....I can't wait to restyle it.

Lomzy ships worldwide so contact them to order before it sells out....they also stock other amazing outfits in several designs,styles and vibrant prints.

This is the 2nd look I got from the face beat from Kibana's glam see post here for more 

Dress : Click here
Clutch: Click here
Makeup: Click here

Are maxis your thing?

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Cinched on a Sunday with a belted maxi dress

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Also happy new month....may September be good to and for us. Since we now greet "happy new month" every month,I don't know when it became a thing but it's alright I guess but I digress

My tailor made this dress....oh yes she did that.

Both tailoring and fabric cost 4000 Naira (less than 10 dollars), yep you read that right

Tailoring cost 2000 Naira (less than 50 dollars) and 2000 for 4 yards of the fabric at Garki, Abuja Nigeria Market

Morale of this post is that you don't need to break the bank to look good.

Dress: Tailor made (feel free to replicate it, tag me on instagram when you wear yours)
Belt: Glamorous (sold out)
Purse: Heels and thongs Click here for their Instagram page

What do you think of this look?
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Chiffon maxi dress and Ankara head wrap or scarf: match made in style heaven

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

I got this beautiful dress from Lomzy, an afrocentric ready to wear clothes wholesaler and retailer on instagram.

Maxis are my favorite kind of outfits. It very comfortable and since one of my style mantras is "comfort is key" it just works for me.
Maxis hides all ills.....I can eat all I want without fear or worries of belly pooch that makes for an unflattering fit.

This maxi from Lomzy is trendy as polka dot (looks polka dotish to me) is currently in season (who determines these things though?)

Another thing I love about this maxi is the orange detailing on the neckline and the the dress that "wow" and chic factor.

I styled the dress with an ankara scarf, bamboo bag from Asos and glasses from new look

I wore the outfit to work on a Friday and got lots of compliments.

A colleague even told me I looked like a Nubian queen.
You should totally cop one for yourself before it sells out.

*Lomzy also stocks other amazing  pieces in fabulous prints....the jumpsuit from this post is also from them......all their pieces are made in Nigeria but they ship worldwide, so not in Nigeria? Not a problem. 

To order, contact Lomzy on instagram Click here or call them on 08033422449

Are you like in terms of loving maxis or your style is body con fit? let us gist in the comment section.

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