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Leopard is neutral

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I know at least one person will cringe and declare my floral and leopard print combo a "faux pas"

Leopard print is neutral like black,white etc....stop rolling your eyes,it is true.

Besides Leopard print being a neutral, mixed prints/pattern play has been a thing for a while now and it has come to stay....embrace it

So feel free to pair your leopard print with any other print or pattern......have fun with mixing and matching your pieces

You can wear anything (I am not an advocate of near nudity/nudity though), no rules in fashion/style.....make your own rules

Wear whatever you like with grace,confidence and is too short to do otherwise

The top and skirt are very old pieces, I have had them for years.....I shop my closet steady,no shame in my game

Do you take risks when it comes to what you wear?
Please don't be a stranger,lets gist in the comment section.

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When Leopard and Snake Fell in love

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

I read on who what wear that animal prints are currently having a moment....
I wonder who decides these things.....I wonder how these things work.

Perhaps the person/people have loads of animal print fabrics or designs they need to dispose off and just tries to get us all to be in a frenzy and just

But really do these designers meet and agree on what should be the rage or how do they get to utilize similar prints or come up with similar designs......please educate me.

Don't get me wrong, I love animal prints.....but I just wonder who these soothsayers

Animal prints for me are classic prints which I always have worn and always will wear so I don't get the frenzy.
The good thing is I will be shopping my closet as I have loads of pieces made with animal prints.

I decided to set the animal print trend ball rolling by 'marrying' this snake print belt from glamorous to this leopard print sheer dress from pieces and I love the outcome = match made in style heaven. I rocked the outfit to church on a Sunday.

Are you an animal print lover?
Are you going to jump on this trend? I will be happy to hear from you in the comment section.

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When life gives you lemon: Ankara shirt dress and black body con dress

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Hello beautiful people, happy new month. I pray August will be good to us all.

I bought this Ankara shirt dress from Abike's stylin on Instagram but unfortunately did not check their size chart so I ended up with a dress that doesn't fit *sigh.

It was my fault so I could not send the dress back or seek any form of redress. * I argued with them small

I love the print and the style of the dress and had to find a way around styling the dress so I wore it over this body con dress from boohoo.

Styled it with bag from Asos, garnished it with Check shoes from the shopper's haven on instagram and added a little pizazz with the glasses I bought from a street vendor in Abuja traffic for a whooping sum of 500 naira....not bad!

I decided to make the best of what would have other wise been a bad situation.The outcome is quite neat even if I say so myself.

Sometimes the hand life presents to us seems unfair but the best way to handle that season is to make the best of it...

Give whatever you have at hand your best shot, it may just God's way of preparing you for bigger and better may not see it now but in future you will be grateful for that 'wilderness' experience.

God can only bless you with more if you are faithful with the little you have at hand so don't throw away the baby with the bath water...

I rocked my 'little' dress to work on a Wednesday.....I made lemonade out of my lemon plus I even got a blog post from that very mundane about a win win situation.

Abike styling is an online Ready to wear store,they stock fabulous and vibrant ankara pieces at very affordable prices....I think this dress was 5000 Naira.

You can find them on instagram:
Ankara shirt dress: Abike's Stylin Click Here
Black dress: Boohoo (sold out)
Shoes: The shoppers haven Click here
Purse: Asos (sold out)

What do you think of the dress and styling?

How have you been coping with 'life' ?
Please share with us in  the comment section.

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