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Timeless chic with Denim on denim and timeless slides

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Hello beautiful people,welcome to my blog.

How gorgeous are those slides?

I got them from a brand called timesless wares.

Timeless wares is an online and offline store that stocks timeless, elegant and premium footwear, bags and accessories.

 The slides are really cool ....very comfy and stylish which is a win win in my books

And pictures don't do them justice, they are pretty and cute

These are made with denim but you can place a custom order if you want leather

They retail for 13,500 so hurry and place an order now, not every time heels sometimes the calf needs to rest

This slides are going to be in my bag as they are very portable and will always come in handy when my calf needs peace

Hurry and cop one for yourself while stock lasts.....they ship nationwide.

Contact Timeless wares with the following information:
Call and whatsapp: 08137321413
Instagram: Click here

Are you team change to flats or team heels all day everyday?

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