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Denim,stripes and animal print: Denim Saturday in a vintage denim dress

Thursday, 12 July 2018

I got this gorgeous denim dress from Vintage Closet @vintagecloset9ja, an instagram vintage store and rocked it two Saturdays ago to run a few errands.

  I styled it with this stripe mules from Asos

and straw bag from @lavivcollections

and glasses from Newlook

Dress: @VintageCloset9ja on Instagram
Shoes: Asos
Glasses: Newlook
Bag @lavivcollections on Instagram
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Ankara power sleeves top

Friday, 25 May 2018

I got this very pretty blouse from SGTC Clothing click here to see their page on instagram with details on how to buy this top in several beautiful prints and other amazing ankara pieces.

I styled it with this black tiered tulle skirt from Missguided which is now out of stock

and accessorized with black and white shoes from London rebel and purse from Asos (both out of stock)

and River Island glasses click here

I wore this to church last Sunday and felt really good.

I have had this top for a it sometime last year I think.

Now it will be on rotation.....that is just my way.

Stay tuned because I am restyling it very soon.....maybe next week.

Get this top in various prints from SGTC click here for their IG page.... or leave a comment if you want me to hook you up with them.

I talked about a giveaway in my last post....apologies for stalling on it. I am still trying to get some things right with the blog so please bear with me.

In the interim, subscribe to the blog so you will be one of the firsts to be informed when the giveaway is announced....see right hand corner of the blog for the subscription section.

So how will you style this top differently?I will love to hear from you in the comment section.

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Ankara and lace set

Sunday, 6 May 2018
Design for Love (DFL) Ankara skirt and lace blouse for the Win 🙌. I wore it to church and got lots of compliments. The velvet details on the waist and pocket of the skirt is popping and there is the sheer details strategically placed as the sleeves and shoulder on the blouse/top.
*Peep the high low detailing in another print at the base of the skirt 💜

Why do I like this set?
1.You get two for the price of one as each item in the set can be paired with other items in your closet to give a totally different well spent if you ask me. 

2. The set is dressy and can be worn to church, weddings and other occasions (owambe things).

3. You can style the lace blouse with your two wrappers for village meeting, August meeting, to church and for different "owambe".

4. Style the skirt with a cami and blazer for that ankara to work style.

5. Style the skirt with a T-shirt and throw on your sneakers for a casual look.

Played dress up: 💃
Wear with Court shoes:
My only purple shoes 😆. It has seen the other side of life 🙈 Last wear, I promise 🙎

You can un-tuck(is this correct english?) or fly the blouse....for people like me that have belly pooch/pouch (which is correct? google has both as correct) *coversface
I had not eaten when I took these pictures,after food....there is no tucking any blouse/top in for me as the fit will not be flattering and the set works as seen below.

1. Which is your favorite?
A. With the sandal?
B. Purple Court?
C.Flying the blouse/top?
D. If none of the above works for you, how would you rather style it?
2. Where will you wear it to?
Lets gist in the comment section.
Next post will be a giveaway of a set (Ankara skirt(different print and style) and linen blouse) from DFL, sign up and be the first to know when the post is up. ...Check right hand corner of the blog...scroll down a bit to sign up.

You can cop this set and many other fabulous pieces from Design for Love (DFL)
See how I styled another DFL set Click Here
Check their website Click here
or visit their page on instagram Click here

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