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2 Adire AKA Tye and dye styles from Design for Love, a Nigerian fashion brand

Thursday, 24 September 2020
Long time no see.....had to dust a lot of cobweb off this blog but I am super excited to be back and I plan to continue posting at least once a week, Amen.

I am here to show off a Nigerian fashion brand, Design for Love (DFL).

I first worked with the brand in 2018 when I started blogging. DFL was the first Nigerian brand to send me pieces and I am still grateful that they believed in me, a newbie at that point. I did this post here and here on their ankara collection in 2018.

It is only natural that I start with their brand in this collaboration showing off Nigerian fashion brands with my blogger babes but this time in 2 designs from their adire also known as tye and dye collection.

 Tye and dye which is popularly known as adire in Nigeria is an indigo dyed clothe made mostly in the south western region but embraced and worn by all. 

Adire became a thing on the international fashion scene last year and a lot of people got into it with top brands designing a lot of their pieces with caricature prints as far as I am concerned because the real adire is the one made in Abeokuta, Nigeria (argue with your keyboard) lol.

Now to the outfits, THE dress. I love how classy the style is....made me look like I have my life together and the beautiful mix of lace with the adire sealed the deal for me. I didn't do much as per styling as I didn't want to take away from the beauty that the dress exudes on its own.

Now to the wide leg pants and top which is my absolute favorite because value for money as I can style them together and as separates. I plan to restyle them as separates soon and link them to this post. The style of the sleeves and how wide the pants are, also added to the allure of this set. Most importantly is the quality of the adire....second to none and I have seen and worn several. The quality of both outfits is top notch with perfect finishing. I recommend.


 I said a lot about the Nigerian fashion brand, DFL in the posts here and here so I am not going to repeat myself. You can find them via their website here and Instagram here


This epic return to my blog was prompted by this collaboration with four Nigerian fashion bloggers @bytonye @debwritesblog @princessaudu @the_estephany to promote fashion brands in Nigeria, Check out their blogs to discover more brands that I’m sure you will definitely love.

 Which of the 2 styles is your favorite? 

See you soon.


31/12/2018: Counting my blogging blessings and 2019 goals

Monday, 31 December 2018
Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog.

Day 365 of 365.....

I started my blog this year, it is something I had always wanted to do.....I think I started considering it in 2013 but did't get to it till May this year......I don't know why I didn't start then sincerely......but better late than never, right?


1. Number of posts This post will be my 47th post when published....

2. Blog views: 16,000 and a bit views in 7 months, not so shabby.

3: Collaboration with brands: I worked with 20 to 14 posts below, 4 were just instagram posts while I am yet to shoot 2:
    a. Hephzyt Fashion
    b. Eric Dress
    c. Queenette Couture
    d. Virtue Clothier
    e. Symdey Couture
    f. SGTC Clothing
    g. Lomzy
    h.Timeless Wares
    i.House of Loocz
    k. Purple Heart Vintage
    L.Unknown Brand
    m. Vintage Closet
    n.Design for Love

4: Collaboration with fellow bloggers: I collaborated with Princess Audu three times...see link to blog posts below

5: My photos are on two international brand's websites.........see photos and  link below

5: Instagram: I had like 1200 followers when I started blogging in May but I am at 2718 followers as at the time of writing this post

My nine instagram photos with most likes

My top photos by instagram enegagement

6: Reposts on big instagram feature pages......Yes, it is a big deal to me....below is my most reposted photo....see related blog post here

6: I opened my facebook page in May when I started the blog and have 949 likes as at when writing this post

7: I am still struggling with twitter.....still trying to get a hang of how it works but here is my current will be better next year.

2019 blog and social media goals
Goal: To Improve my blogging and social media experience
a. Post on my blog at least once a week
b. Post on all social media platforms at least once a day

c. Post good quality pictures on blog and social media platforms
Sub activity
 c1. Camera upgrade.....research to know which camera is great for fashion blogging and buy same
 c2. Scout for locations with good ambience before shoot
 c3. learn how to use light-room to edit photos
 c4 Subscribe for light-room

D. Network and meet other bloggers
E. Attend events that will be helpful
F. Reach out to other bloggers on social media
G. Collaborate with other bloggers
H. Research and learn about SEO
I. Learn and do videos
J. More lifestyles posts viz. travel even if it is within Nigeria, book reviews
K. Improve my writing....minimal word less posts.

Related: How to set achievable New year resolutions / Goals / Plans

What else do you think I can do to improve my blog and social media experience?

Happy new year and Thanks for stopping by:

Ankara and lace set

Sunday, 6 May 2018
Design for Love (DFL) Ankara skirt and lace blouse for the Win 🙌. I wore it to church and got lots of compliments. The velvet details on the waist and pocket of the skirt is popping and there is the sheer details strategically placed as the sleeves and shoulder on the blouse/top.
*Peep the high low detailing in another print at the base of the skirt 💜

Why do I like this set?
1.You get two for the price of one as each item in the set can be paired with other items in your closet to give a totally different well spent if you ask me. 

2. The set is dressy and can be worn to church, weddings and other occasions (owambe things).

3. You can style the lace blouse with your two wrappers for village meeting, August meeting, to church and for different "owambe".

4. Style the skirt with a cami and blazer for that ankara to work style.

5. Style the skirt with a T-shirt and throw on your sneakers for a casual look.

Played dress up: 💃
Wear with Court shoes:
My only purple shoes 😆. It has seen the other side of life 🙈 Last wear, I promise 🙎

You can un-tuck(is this correct english?) or fly the blouse....for people like me that have belly pooch/pouch (which is correct? google has both as correct) *coversface
I had not eaten when I took these pictures,after food....there is no tucking any blouse/top in for me as the fit will not be flattering and the set works as seen below.

1. Which is your favorite?
A. With the sandal?
B. Purple Court?
C.Flying the blouse/top?
D. If none of the above works for you, how would you rather style it?
2. Where will you wear it to?
Lets gist in the comment section.
Next post will be a giveaway of a set (Ankara skirt(different print and style) and linen blouse) from DFL, sign up and be the first to know when the post is up. ...Check right hand corner of the blog...scroll down a bit to sign up.

You can cop this set and many other fabulous pieces from Design for Love (DFL)
See how I styled another DFL set Click Here
Check their website Click here
or visit their page on instagram Click here

Thanks for stopping by.
XO 💋

Ankara Work Style: Ankara and linen

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Design for love (DFL) sent me some ankara pieces, one of which is this very beautiful ankara set i.e. sleeveless ankara dress and linen blouse as part of their campaign to encourage ladies to incorporate ankara into work/office fashion.

DFL prides themselves as a fashion house that stocks super chic female apparel and accessories that reflect the african heritage while still being contemporary.

 Design for love (DFL) started in 2004 by Wunmi Olufeko, and it was borne out of her desire to infuse her love for arts into designing classy outfits for women. DFL’s brand philosophy is classy-elegance; the DFL woman is an understated beauty, who does not need to try hard to catch attention.

DFL specializes in bespoke/ made to measure female garments and works mostly with Ankara incorporated with other more contemporary fabrics like silks, laces and taffetas to create that “wow effect”. Each outfit is a unique work of art that tells its own story.

If you follow me on instagram you  will know that I am a sucker for ankara and love to wear them to work.I have recently set Wednesdays as my ankara to work day with the hashtag #ankaraworkstyle (you should totally follow me on instagram @opeyemisdiary

I styled the set with black accessories as it already makes a statement and I did not want to take anything away from it.

Caught napping----hehehehe

  There are several possibilities of styling this set and I will be exploring and showing them to you so please sign up to get updates as you will get notified immediately there is a new post.
(Go to the right hand side of the blog, scroll down a little to sign up)

DFL also sent one ankara skirt set for my followers and blog more reason for you to sign up so you get first hand information.

You can find Design for Love (DFL) on their website click here
and on instagram @dflrocks

They sell out really fast so hurry and place your orders.
P.S. The dress has two pockets 🙌🙌

How else will you style this set? Lets meet in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by.
XO 💋